10 Day Countdown!

In 10 days we will gather together in awesome Easter celebrations at both Fenton & Byron High Schools. With just over a week left, here are a few things we can be focusing on:

1. PRAYER! I think of the tenacity of Elijah’s prayer in 1 Kings 18:41-46. He hit his knees and prayed powerfully for God to send a heavy shower to end a drought. Many at the Rock have committed to fast and pray in various ways for the 20 days of April leading up to Easter. Please continue to be in passionate prayer for the lost of our community, for protection against sickness & spiritual attacks of all kinds, and for unity among all those that will be faithfully serving.

2. INVITE! There is no more powerful way that we can compel people who need Jesus to attend than our personal invite. Let’s be bold enough to step out of our comfort zones in mass over the next 10 days and invite as many people as we possibly can from our communities. I encourage you to go through your contact list on your phone and text or call people you haven’t spoken to in a while and invite them to Easter. Grab some invite cards from the Rock office and hand them to everyone you can! Personally invite someone to attend with you at one of the schools on Easter morning.

3. REMEMBER! Amid all the excitement and buzz surrounding Easter, don’t forget to remember what it’s all about. The entire point of the whole thing is to proclaim salvation in Jesus to those who need him! This could easily become about perpetuating the name of the Rock church, or just a big event for ourselves. Let’s remember, Jesus called us to GO out into the world and compel them, the lost, to come in. Easter is neither about us or for us, it must be about Jesus, for the lost. Let’s remember that.

Pastor Wes

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