3 Things You Can Do

Christmas Eve is 14 days away…

Here are 3 things you can do in that time:

1. PRAY! Nothing will be more important to these efforts than the power of prayer. Pray for our broad ranging community that desperately needs Jesus. Pray for the health, protection and encouragement of all staff and volunteers. Pray for the technical logistics to operate smoothly during the largest tech effort we’ve ever put forth by far. Pray that people receive Jesus as Lord!

2. INVITE! 2500 wallet sized invite cards have been dispersed into your hands. Get rid of them! Invite your restaurant server, hairdresser, boss, school friends, cashiers, gas station worker, drive thru window worker, cousin in another town, mechanic, oil change workers. Look around yourself & invite as many people as possible in the next 14 days.

3. ATTEND! With 3 gatherings in 2 locations, we hope you are making concrete plans to be there. We are praying these gatherings will be filled with people passionate about worshipping Jesus & reaching the lost.

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