Trunk or Treat 2013

It has taken me a few days to settle myself down from the exhilarating experience of watching God use Trunk or Treat to reach out to the surrounding area. It was one of those moments where you really did have to be there to fully understand the magnitude of what transpired. In addition to extending my most sincere thank you to all that helped serve on Oct 30th, I wanted to share 3 quick thoughts/observations about Trunk or Treat:

1. It was incredible to watch the church serving in unity in such a huge capacity! We are called of Jesus to serve together for the sake of the gospel, and that is exactly what happened Wednesday night. From the police officer directing traffic that attends the Rock, to the massive parking lot crew, hospitality table workers, everyone who committed to a trunk, the tech people, box maze workers, those that set it up, tore everything down, ran out for emergency candy, built the castle entrance…it was incredible! It was the church functioning in amazing unity, which I believe honored God.

2. We were able to engage the community face to face in mass. I am not of the belief that Trunk or Treat is supposed to be the “Anti-Halloween”. Rather, I believe it’s purpose is for us to extend our hands of compassion and generosity in the name of Christ. God allowed us to interact with literally thousands of people. I was so encouraged to watch those representing Jesus engage people with a contagious smile and demeanor that exuded God’s grace and mercy. Thank you for being a body of believers that “gets it”.

3. God is doing something in and through the Rock church. No question about it. His mighty blessings continue to pour down upon us in heavenly excess. We must continue to both recognize that and be responsible with what God is giving us. I have no interest as a pastor in becoming a church that seeks to hoard the blessings of God. My prayer is that we will continue to look outside of ourselves, our buildings, events etc and repeatedly ask the Lord…”Lord, how and where do want us to invest what you have given us?” I always want to be a church that continues to look for the intense work of the ministry to which we are called. We have countless areas before us to reach with the gospel…a town, a region, a nation, the ends of the Earth! Let’s take a moment to celebrate God’s goodness to us this week, and then let’s get back to work!

God bless you all!
Pastor Wes

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