“You just know!”

Most commonly when talking to believers in the area of listening for God in their life, the question will be asked, “How will I know when I’m hearing God? How will I know it’s God telling me to do something?”

The answer given will typically be, “You just know. When God is speaking to your life, telling you to do something; you just know!”

If you have ever been the person asking the question you know how frustrating the answer can be. If you have ever been the person asked the question, you know that “you just know” is about as descriptive as it gets. You just know.

No one can definitively tell another person how God will speak to them. We know that God speaks to us through His Word. I believe that God perhaps still speaks audibly to some people. Only time spent listening for God and learning His voice in your life will you be able to know when God is speaking to you.

In John 10, Christ says that sheep hear the voice of the shepherd, “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he puts forth all his own, he goes ahead of them and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.” Later Christ says He is the Good Shepherd and goes on to say that “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Clearly we are able to know the Shepherds voice, and know when He is talking to us.

Twice this week I’ve experienced this “you just know” moment.

On one occasion I was thinking and talking with my wife about something I’ve desired to undertake for awhile, but was having a hard time figuring out some of the logistics involved. It just so happened that during this evening of conversation with my wife all of a sudden into my head came the answers to the questions I had. Now before you give me credit for being some smart guy just hang on!

The day after this revelation, in conversation with friends, I bring up the idea that I’ve had and that I think God has brought me to a place of preparedness to pursue this undertaking. Astonished, one of my friends in the conversation informs me that the night before, on a long drive through a boring state, he was praying about the very idea that I’ve had and asked God, if it was His will, to burden my heart and bring me to a place of readiness for the proposed task at hand.

At that very moment, I knew the previous nights conversation with my wife and the prayer of a friend at what may have even been the exact same time, was God telling me to pursue this idea. You just know.

Today I have been praying over and arranging various things for this fall’s season of small groups. I was composing an email to a friend in the church inquiring whether or not he and his wife would be interested in leading a group. Suddenly, I just deleted the email and said, “Lord, if they are right for this, show them and bring them to me.” I composed a very generic tweet aimed at those interested in small group ministry, clicked “tweet” and within an hour an email popped up in my inbox from the very person I had been writing to an hour earlier. It said the following:

“I just saw your tweet about small groups, my wife and I were just talking about small groups two nights ago…We will be interested in attending or even leading a group…”

Through prayer, through confirmation from others or circumstance, directly through His Word or perhaps even by His own Divine voice, God still speaks to His people. You can know His voice. When He speaks to you, you just know.

-Pastor John

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