Reflections on SummerFest @ Silverlake

While watching people walk down the hill to the shore of Silver Lake to be baptized last Sunday, one thought lingered in my mind…”I never get used to this.” I never get used to watching people shun all worldly inhibitions, past traditions, regrets, concerns about the future and just simply stand up in a divinely appointed moment, and follow God alone. It’s almost shocking to behold. It still shakes me to the core to see people walk into the water in the cloths they showed up in and in front of more than 1000 people, confess Jesus Christ as Lord and be baptized. All the collective efforts of mankind could never come close to being able to manufacture some “experience” or “environment” that could ever compare to the kind of power one feels when the Holy Spirit appears on the scene and begins to work. That jaw-dropping demonstration of the Spirit of God is not something that ever begins to feel normal or ordinary. On Sunday, as one person after another emerged from the waters of baptism, I just knew I was in the presence of something extra-ordinary.
That’s what the authentic, power of God is…extra-ordinary, inexplicable, abnormal, spellbinding! If you were there, then I’m sure you felt it as well, as all of us on a big grassy hill, spread out over 200 yards, sat silently and reverently spell bound when the Spirit of God showed up and people began to respond. There was nothing left to say, nothing to do except engage our hearts in worship & gratitude as God led His church.
So, I write to you with a thankful heart this morning. Thankful to be a pastor to all of you. Thankful for the many who faithfully serve in the area of their calling. Thankful for those that pray so fervently every day for the ministry. And so beyond thankful to God for His incredible blessings and limitless power!

Pastor Wes

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