rockyouth Summer Camp 2013: Plunge

Every year we get a special opportunity to take students away to summer camp. This is such an exciting opportunity because while at camp the students are inundated with the word of God. While our focus is always on God, each year we choose a theme and focus on learning about God in a new way. In the past our themes have been Elements and Break Through. This year our theme is Plunge. 

We chose this theme because it is an awesome visual action to what we are doing when we choose to follow Christ. “Forgetting what lies behind and straining towards what is ahead” Phil. 3:13. Its like jumping off of a cliff. You are forgetting about all the worries and struggles of life, what your friends are going to say or the doubts you have about God and you take the plunge into a real relationship with Christ. Once you do this there is no going back; you’re all in and always growing closer and closer to Christ. 

This is exemplified by Peter in John 21. Peter had betrayed Christ and went back to being a fisherman like he was before he was a follower of Christ. One night when Peter and some of Jesus’ other disciples were out fishing, they caught nothing at all. In the morning they looked towards the shore and saw Jesus standing there. When Peter realized that it was Jesus and that he had risen from the dead, he was so excited that he forgot what his life was about and who he used to be and literally plunged into the water, swimming after Christ. 

As summer camp is only a few days away, we ask that you pray for all those who will hear the Word of God, and that their heart will be softened and ready to receive it. If you know of anyone who would be interested in attending, we would love to have them attend, but the registration deadline is only a few days away, July 14. So logon to and register for rockyouth Summer Camp 2013:Plunge today!

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