Overflowing Blessing & SummerFest

In Malachi 3:10 the God of the Universe declares to us that He can “open the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.”  When I take a moment to consider the ever broadening ministry of the Rock church, “overflows” seems to be precisely the operative term.  As God continues to open the windows of heaven upon us, change and progress are a welcome constant.  This brings us to SummerFest, our annual event that we have held on our property for the past 6 years.  Each year that we have hosted SummerFest, it has grown immensely.  To say we are grateful for what God has chosen to do through this event would be an understatement.  As 2013 marches forward, and the vibrant growth of the Rock persists, we face many challenges by continuing to host SummerFest on our property.  For 2 years the township as well as the Sheriff’s department have requested that for the safety of all involved we keep people from parking along the shoulders of all the roads as well as the neighborhood curbs.  Due to the growth of the event, we have been unable to do that for either of the past 2 years and yet the municipalities have been kind and forgiving toward us and have not cited a single violation.  The scripture calls us in Romans 13 as the body of Christ, to “be in subjection to the governing authorities.”  With June approaching and the Rock thriving, it is abundantly clear that in order to properly honor the requests of local government, show respect to our neighbors, and keep all families and individuals safe, we must make a change to the venue.

It appears that God was already making plans for this last Summer when we decided on short notice to have an outdoor worship gathering at Silver Lake Beach in late August.  If you were able to attend, then you were witness to an absolutely incredible movement of God!  This year the parks & recreation board was able to offer us a date of July 14th for the gathering at Silver Lake Beach.  I believe that God has provided a great opportunity for us to continue an awesome church fellowship event, as well as reach out to the  surrounding community with the gospel, all while honoring the safety requests of local government.  So, this year on July 14th, in addition to the worship gathering on the beach, we are going to incorporate several of the components of SummerFest.  We will have food, games for families, snow cones, and there are rumors of me on a dunk tank for kids to take their best shot!  It’s going to be a great time for us as a church to celebrate God’s “overflow” and also continue to do what we will always do…preach Jesus to the world around us.

Honored to serve with you,

Pastor Wes


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